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Story About Us

A handful group of professional experts having a long track of operational and managerial experience decided to venture into the consultancy world.

Most of the consultants they met and cooperated with during their years of work were strong in the academic area but rather weak in implementation and transferring ideas, methodologies, strategies, and plans from ink and paper into reality.

Meeting this they decided it was time to turn the table and look at things from the clients/implementer point of view with all its practicality and push for success.

OUR Background

Strategic Management Science

Every strategy will be executed by people with an outlook towards future in a set of circumstances.
Diversity, dynamics, complexity and interrelationships are ever increasing factors in today’s business. Once it was thought that technical skills are the most important factor in both individual and organizational success. After a while, it was noticed that team work, communication, cooperation, negotiation and several other so called soft skills are not less important.

Same as the sports team who has the best line up, it is not guaranteed to win. This was a puzzle for the last 30 years during which academics and practitioners alike were trying to understand through learning and practice how to manage a better performing organization. The first solution for this problem at the beginning was found in the Financial Management Science.

Financial statements, Financial Ratios, managing the cost of capital and aligning the whole organization around a unified financial goal formed a satisfying answer for a while. But the fact that financial figures are lagging measures which “tell the story of the past”; meaning that it measures the performance after the fact, when it is too late to do anything about it. Also financial measures can sometimes affect managers to take very short sighted decisions.

Managerial Consultancy

A typical Strategic Management implementation plan starts with a lot of optimism. Leadership is enthusiastic. People are committed. Plans look ideal.

Soon down the road during execution, the environment changes, management gets busy with other issues and forgets to show visible commitment.

People’s commitment starts to loosen up. The first thing to happen during review meetings is pointing fingers. The second is asking for more resources.

By providing consultancy in Strategy, Operations Management, and Human Resources, we make sure that the formulated strategy along with its goals and targets will be properly executed and monitored by utilizing the different Operations Management tools and through the proper utilization of the Human Resources function.

Technical Consultancy

In the Technical Area, our long and wide experience in the packaging and specifically plastics field helps us to provide consultancy in the technical packaging and plastic processing sectors.


We are group of business consultants with the competitive advantage of providing quality value-added professional consulting and management services to all types of business enterprises in the managerial (Strategy, Operations Management, and Human Resources functions), and technical (technical packaging & plastic processing) areas.
Our methodologies and techniques will bridge the gap between scholars/academics and practitioners/doers. Our knowhow and field experience will help in translating theories and ideas into actual implementable action plans with tangible results.
As a group, we share skills and resources across our business units to optimize performance and ensure sustained business and profit growth that balances both short-term and long-term goals. The foundation of this plan includes building a strong and reputable client-list, and expanding the scope of consulting services we continue to provide.
Access to a wide network of international markets allows us to share learnings and experiences and stay alert to the most recent up-dates and applications worldwide.


  • 01

    A Wide range of services & expertise which we provide in various business disciplines enabling our clients to operate more efficiently and accordingly compete more effectively.

  • 02

    Exposure to a large variety and number of Industries/Sectors enables us to transfer the knowledge, learning, and know how from one industry to the other.

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    A high and exceptional caliber of both local and international consultants and expertise adds diversity and uniqueness to the services we offer.

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