Qualifications Assessment Function

Proper examination of the qualifications of the top management should be performed in order to ensure that he is fitting his job. Having an under qualified or over qualified manager will both create serious issues for the manager and the organization. The line of action in both cases differs depending on the level of the manager, years of experience, career path,….etc

Corporate Clinic can offer a detailed assessment for the competencies of the candidates applying for new positions in the company or of the organization employees nominated to be promoted. This is done through conducting an Assessment Center that covers the following:

  • Receipt of the job required for assessment, the Competencies upon which they aim to assess the candidates and the number of candidates sitting for the AC.
  • In case the company does not have the competencies framework, Corporate Clinic can develop a detailed Job Description, specification and profile for the Job in order to conduct a job competency analysis.
  • According to the identified competencies, Corporate Clinic sets assessment criteria and assigns different types of exercises that are aimed at measuring the competencies from various perspectives.
  • Corporate Clinic prepares the plan, the schedule and the handout material for the Assessment.
  • During the assessment, the participants take part in various types of activity exercises designed to generate evidence of the competencies that are strongly associated with the success in the target job or job level.
  • Participants are observed by the Assessors for recording and classifying behavioral evidence against the pre-determined competencies.
  • Evidence are then evaluated, assessment decisions are made by Corporate Clinic assessors. Accordingly, Participants feedback reports are submitted to the company.