Project Management

Projects are unique and one time operations designed to accomplish a specific set of objectives in a limited time frame. Projects may involve considerable cost. Some have a long time horizon and some involve a large number of activities that must be carefully planned and coordinated. Most are expected to be completed based on time, cost and performance targets. To accomplish this, goals must be established and priorities must be set. Tasks must be identified and time estimates made. Resource requirements also must be projected and budgets prepared. Once under the way, progress must be monitored to assure that project goals and objectives will be achieved. Projects enable organization to focus its attention and concentrate efforts on accomplishing narrow set of performance objectives within a limited time and budget frame-work. Corporate Clinic can help you manage projects such as the following:
  • Lean – 6 Sigma – NPD – Assets.
  • Cost Saving.
  • Capacity Increase.
  • Refurbishment.
  • New Technology.