Plastic Processing

This involves the methods used to convert plastics materials in the form of pellets, granules, powders, sheets, fluids, or performs into formed shapes or parts. The plastics materials may contain a variety of additives which influence the properties as well as the processibality of the plastics. After forming, the part may be subjected to a variety of ancillary operations such as welding, adhesive bonding, machining, and surface decorating (painting, metalizing).

In the Plastic Processing area we offer consultancy services in the following:

  1. Investment Projects Management
  2. Machines Suppliers Selection
  3. Molds Technical Specifications
  4. Molds Management System
    1. Mold Sourcing Process
      1. Supplier Short List
      2. Mold Spec
      3. Technical
      4. Negotiation
      5. Project Management
      6. Mold CQV
    2. Mold Supplier management
      1. Identification
      2. Qualification
      3. Evaluation
      4. Negotiation
      5. Auditing
      6. Development
    3. Mold Health Management
  5. Raw Materials Suppliers Selection